Website software like WordPress and the server software supporting it is constantly changing. These changes might be introducing cool new features or to fix existing security flaws, but regardless they are changing and hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities. Hackers frequently find new vulnerabilities in software updates. Therefore you need a managed website hosting environment that will actively update security threats before they happen.

So, maybe you’re asking… “Who would want to attack my website?” Well, the usual suspects are “Spamvertizers,” that use your website to send their spam out to your visitors or redirect them to alternate websites. Most likely because they can’t use email as easily anymore, due to companies like Google and Microsoft that have great spam filtering built into their email server software. However, there are other crooks that want to steal sensitive data or hackers just looking to have fun at your expense.

Here are some critical steps to help secure your website:

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate (HTTPS) will give your clients and website visitors a private connection, where data passing between the browser and the server is encrypted and cannot be seen easily by someone attempting to intercept the data. Many think that using HTTPS is only for an e-commerce website, but it’s important to keep all data private, even if it’s not an e-commerce site. In addition, having an SSL Certificate installed also gives you a little better SEO strength, and credibility with your visitors.

Strong Passwords

Choosing a strong password is important, and if you have other users logging into your system, enforcing strong passwords is critical. The most common way hackers can enter your system is by guessing common usernames and passwords. Most hackers use automated scripts when trying to brute-force a website. This allows them to make many more guesses – up to 10 per second or more. The automated script will repeatedly submit your login form with a different password, and occasionally a different username. Enforcing strong passwords as a security policy on your website helps your overall “hardening” against attacks.

Website Firewall

Instilling good firewall software, that is frequently updated, is a MUST HAVE on any website today. It helps prevent attackers from brute-force login attempts, where the hackers use a program to attempt common logins, blocks aggressive web crawlers from bringing down your website, password auditing for poor password strength, and has IP and Country Blocking technology. Last but definitely not least, malware scanning is also highly important, to keep an eye out for malicious code on your website and have the capabilities to fix the issue.

Frequently Updating Software

If your hosting company keeps their server software updated, that’s great, but if they don’t do anything to help you with updating your website, it’s only half the battle. You should always update WordPress core files, theme files, and plugin software because they frequently contain security updates.

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