Monster Tamer has recently introduced Employment Pages & Forms as a service offering.  You may already have  a Careers page on your website, but no online tools for applicants to apply for positions that might be available. We build a customized Employment Listing infrastructure into your site to create, post, and manage positions for hire.

The job postings can be created and managed through the WordPress Admin tool, by anyone at your company that is handling these tasks for you now.

The online application feature gives applicants an easy and convenient way to apply to positions, and perhaps reducing the amount of extra phone calls and/or paperwork needed for just using a contact form or paper system.

Cool Features:

  • CUSTOM Internal Office Coding – if you have internal codes or information you want to include on the job listing (example: Part-time/Full-time or Exempt/non-Exempt, etc).
  • Customized Online Applications Forms – We create the application form to your needs.
  • Fully Search Engine consumable – The job listings are created as custom posts in WordPress, so the content is perfect for search engines.
  • Social Media sharing – Since each job listing is a WordPress post, the social media sharing buttons are easy to add or remove if needed.
  • Notifications – Notifications to HR or hiring staff can be customized for distribution when an application is submitted.

If you’d like to see a real world example our Employment / Careers addon, please take a look at