What is all this press about needing a mobile friendly website? Will my website be penalized and lose it’s position in Google searches if I don’t convert to a mobile friendly site? Does it mean I have to replace my old website? Is the mobile version of my main site obsolete?

Sorry, but the answer is yes on all counts. I know it sucks, but Google wants to make the world a better place for you and me. Ha!

The reason is simple! A whopping 60% of people use mobile devices full time to search and browse the net. In fact, people are doing everything on their mobile devices, including making purchases, making reservations, paying their bills, planning their vacations, finding a good plumber, mechanic, electrician, dentist and doctor, and everything else. Up until recently the cure was a mobile version of your website, scaled to fit an iPhone, a “Fixed Width Design.” Then the smartphone market exploded into all kinds of shapes and sizes, not to mention the introduction of the iPad and the other tablet devices.

In 2011, an “intelligent mobile aware solution” aka “responsive design” emerged as today’s solution for multi-device web viewing.

If you are lucky enough to be on a WordPress solution, you can use your existing images, videos, architecture, e-commerce and content and convert from a non responsive platform to a responsive one. Once converted, there will be some tweaking and aligning required to get your website to look right and navigate correctly. If you are not currently using WordPress the process will be a little more work.

But hey, you have had a list of fixes, updates, changes and additions you have been wanting to make anyway. Now’s the time to do it.


Maxwell Akira