Book titled "first steps to a website"

First Steps to a Website: Domain Choice, Hosting, Website, Keywords & Optimization Tips – a compilation of my first 3 ebooks. (WP Web Genie)

First Steps to a Website is a compilation of my first 3 ebooks. It is aimed at readers that are wanting to know what they should be considering if they are about to build a new website or if they have a website that is not very effective at getting visitors to it.It is a starting point for every business. I cover the basics to get your site found on Google and other search engines and explain why what I have written it is important. This book is for you if you looking for tips on the best way to get your business online successfully.When you are starting out in business or wanting to have a website for any purpose, it is really hard to understand some of the do’s and don’t of the online world.This e-book outlines best practice and gives an insight into what you should be considering when building a website. It is valuable even if you are out-sourcing the web build.I am growing an online resource to help anyone that is unsure of how to get visitors to their website. Each one explains a process. I have kept them short as I hope you will action the tips as you read my books.I know these tips work because I have been helping businesses to build an online presence for many years now. My website is