Monster Tamer Web Hosting

At Monster Tamer Web Hosting we have two primary web hosting offerings:

  1. (Traditional) Web Hosting
  2. (Second Generation) Website Management

In the old days (pre-2008) most websites were built and put up on the web and left alone. There was little or no maintenance required at all. Since that time websites began to do more and more jobs and needed to be used and viewed on numerous devices such as smartphones and tablets. All this new functionality and flexibility meant more and more unique software installs. These software installs require frequent updates, occasional replacements, and upgrades.

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Web Hosting

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Website Management

Website Management: In-depth Look

Not quite sure what’s right for you or what all managed hosting entails? Watch our video for a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into managing our websites here at Monster Tamer Web Hosting.

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