Project Description

Located: Woodinville, WA |  Year Founded:  1992  |  Business Segment: Home construction, remodeling
Target Audience: Woodinville Homeowners


Wanted: Burke Barker told us very firmly that he was only interested in being visible and relevant in the city of Woodinville. Burke and his wife Jeanne live and work in Woodinville. There are a dozen neighborhoods that have benefited over the years from their remodeling expertise. Identifying the most searched keywords used by Woodinville homeowners located in specific neighborhoods was at the heart of Burke’s SEO ambitions. For Burke this was a win-win for everyone. Keeping their projects close together saves time and money for everyone.

Provided: We wholeheartedly supported Burke’s objective and got to work on a strategy. We first identified the types of projects Burke indicated were most desirable for the business, both financially and executionally. We looked at competing websites and used additional keyword tools to come up with our first list of target keywords. Once the keywords were approved by Burke we set about creating landing pages for each keyword phrase. Each landing page includes optimized images, video and textual content.