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Our SEO services start with a comprehensive evaluation of online business strategy, objectives, and metrics. We evaluate your brand presence online, find actionable keywords for your business, and dissect your search competition for link analysis and keyword usage. First the horse, then the cart. If your online strategy isn’t based on real online intelligence, what is it based on?

This means a comprehensive inquiry into the company’s business strategy and objectives, SEO status of the competition, keyword analysis, link analysis (profiles), backlink analysis and web page structural analysis. Overall site design issues are identified for correction.


Keywords and customers have been identified, your competitors have been evaluated, now, how do we get from A to B to C? And most importantly, how can we tell if the strategy is working without a starting point and a destination? You can’t conquer the Internet without a plan. We develop an online strategy based on our research that will get your brand in front of customers and bring you new leads.

Based on your business strategy and our research this defines our SEO strategy for your brand. The kernel of the strategy is most likely to increase web traffic and in most cases new business. Top 50 to 100 keywords and phrases have been identified, prioritized, agreed upon by all stakeholders and ratified. A link (profiles) proposal spreadsheet has been created for the top 50 profiles. Existing link corrections and completions identified in our research are noted for action. Top 50 ideal backlinks have been identified. Our methods are easy to understand and effective. Contact Us Today!!!