When it comes to interfacing with your target market, you do it all– physical collateral, signage, radio, television, and a voluptuous website. Are there any other platforms for reaching new audiences?  How do stakeholders leverage web development in Redmond WA to continually improve their users’ experience? Every day the market squeezes out new more effective and efficient tools for online advertising to specifically targeted profiles. This information hovers all around us, begging to be accessed. More and more indiscriminate of physical location, wireless is becoming the standard not only for entertainment on demand and online marketing, but also mission critical B2C and B2B applications. Wires are so not-cool!  We’ve all now seen Google Glass and the extension of personal technology go well beyond that of hand-held devices, but consider wireless technologies are already being utilized in contact lenses, once again having refined the medium down to what seems much nearer a virtual reality. The potential of mobile application development to help you create, capture and convert new users in search of your product or service is likely the biggest opportunity for your Redmond business in 2014. It may not be long before the last place we access online content is a desktop, workstation, laptop, or even hand-held device. Reports show nearly one-third of all internet traffic is already flowing over mobile devices (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/11/prweb11296475.htm), and it’s been estimated that mobile search will generate roughly 30 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016. So without a mobile strategy for application development in place, your message is not being delivered to one of three who search for your product or service. Companies that want to leverage web development in Redmond to aggressively pursue new customer extension strategies and high conversion ratios cannot neglect mobile searchers any longer. Mobile optimization is a must.

By Josh Woodard